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Many of our customers depend on Carlson to manage their new and remodel store programs – from start to finish. These partnerships often include design, manufacturing, staging and final distribution direct to stores, and can include hundreds of products. For full store programs, we utilize our custom design/ build resources, but may also be asked to provide retail supplies, stock products like hangers or mannequins, or find unusual items like theatrical props for in-store vignettes. Each program and project is unique – understanding your requirements, timing and budget allows us to field the best team to assure your vision.

Consider applying Carlson’s broad capabilities to help you simplify your program management, smooth out billing and payment processes, and save valuable time by consolidating multiple vendor relationships. Managing too many supplier relationships? Carlson’s dedicated Account Team can handle it all – stock product sourcing and selection, custom fixture development and manufacture, and final consolidation and staging of all necessary elements, including graphics.

We manage full store programs for some of the world’s top retailers and are especially proud of these long-term partnerships. We enjoy and appreciate the relationships we’ve built – often begun simply with one or two fixtures, and grown over the years to include a category or two, and eventually, everything in the store. Earning our way with great performance, superior coordination and the right combination of services is how we like to grow.


Omni-channel shopping is driving retailers into new and novel display opportunities: smaller footprints for brick ‘n mortar sites, shop-in-shop programs, pop-up stores, brand and customer events, mall kiosks and interactive displays. Because many of these sales environments are outside of a retailer’s direct management, special consideration needs to be given to brand expression, competitive presence, product and staff security, and unique queuing needs. We’ve helped our customers navigate these new areas and create amazing customer experiences.

Current example: We’re helping a medical industry apparel manufacturer expand their product line…
We design and build apparel fixtures for them now, stage and ship by location, and manage the fixture delivery and installation process for their independent retailer customers.

Business is good and their line is expanding, so we recently began working on adding three categories of shoes to their shop-in-shop program. Lively discussions and project briefings have led to concept drawings, which lead to prototypes and eventually production.

Unique considerations? The new fixtures need to compliment, but be distinctive from, the current shop-in-shop family. Perimeter wall conditions may be different in various locations. End user familiarity with display and merchandising strategies may vary. New brands are being introduced. Competitive product is displayed in other areas of the customer’s location. Lots of things to consider, yet we never forget the basic considerations of timing, brand expression and budget.


Keeping it fresh is a common retail mantra – and we’ve helped with new design ideas, careful analysis of a current system (including functionality, brand expression, costs and customer experience), value engineering and finally, manufacturing and delivery of those new elements. We know our customers’ systems from the inside out, and are often asked to share our thoughts and ideas for improvement. In other cases, we’ve been brought in cold to give our opinions on a current system and suggest improvements. Either way, we are happy to lend our deep experience and retail knowledge to your challenge.


How about a noise-cancelling phone booth so customers can have privacy on their smart phones? A lighted movie-marquee sign display? Slat wall fixtures to hold 3 dozen shot glasses? Lighted demonstration station for cosmetics? Custom branded gumball machine? Modular sales pod for equipment rentals? Mall kiosk?

Whether it is a multi-material fixture with LED lighting, a unique cash wrap or service counter, reclaimed wood table with a giraffe motif, or something no one has ever attempted, we can design and build it.


Carlson offers a variety of products and devices to help you make your stores more secure, reduce theft and increase sales at check-out. A major big box retailer uses our steel Corner Guards to protect their expensive refrigerated cases from pallet damage. A huge discount chain has installed more than 2,000 of our security gates to prevent theft and secure their back-of-house areas. And Carlson offers a variety of queueing systems to help manage customer traffic and increase sales of impulse items at check-out.

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