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Bags, Boxes, Bows & Tissue

We offer a wide assortment of packing and gift-wrap items. Give your business a colorful and festive look with boxes, bags, bows, and ribbons.


Casters & Levelers

Casters and levelers for your racks. We have both chrome and plastic casters and both 5/16" amd 3/8" threaded stems.


Crowd Control

Our crowd control products include portable crowd control posts with retractable belts such as the Carlson JPM All-Way System with 360 degrees of possibilities and traditional stanchion posts with velvet ropes in different colors.


Eyewear & Sunglass Displays

Carlson JPM offers you a wide range of eyewear displays for your countertop, inside a showcase, on slatwall as well as a floor standing spinner.


Fixture Systems

Matched fixture systems are a great alternative to achieve a unified and custom look for your business fast and easy. Take a look at systems like Modfusion, Pearl District, Excalibur Wood Shelving, ALTA, Aaron Contemporary, Chainlinx, Meridian, and Parisian. Get all that you need for your business with one stop shopping!


Golf Displays

Golf displays, golf fixtures, golf slatwall accessories along with multi-purpose displays from Carlson JPM. Garner ideas from our blogs to make your golf shop unique. We are constantly on alert to find the displays which are going to help you sell!



Gondola Shelving Units

We offer Madix, Lozier and Streater wall shelving units, island shelving units, end caps, gondola accessories and more! If you don't see what you are looking for or need a quote on a special finish please Contact Us for more information.

Store Layout Considerations For Gondola Units
- Determine how much of your retail space will be dedicated to
  gondola shelving. To do so, visualize your the floor space from
  above and look at your space in elevation as your customers
  will see it.
- Determine the type of units you want to use in your store.
  For example, if you choose to use a wall gondola shelving
  (wall units) and 2-sided floor units (island units), make sure
  you place the taller units against or closest
  to the wall so they don't block the overall view of the store.
- Allow enough aisle space for customer walk through. Keep
  aisles wide enough to comply with "Americans with Disabilities
  Act" (ADA) requirements.
- Aisles need to be 48" to 72" wide for optimal merchandising
  presentation and customer flow.
- Remember to include the ends of your island units in your plan.
  You can incorporate end cap units on one or both ends of your
  gondolas depending on space and sell goals.
- Think about the type of merchandise you sell, whether it can
   be displayed on hooks, faceouts or shelves.
- Once you identify what you need, draw a basic floor plan with
  preliminary dimensions and call us to help you bring your
  vision to reality.


Hangers & Accessories

Select from all types of clothing hangers such as plastic hangers, wood hangers, and metal hangers for shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, and coats as well as suits, in both adult and children sizes. Remember to check out our size marking systems, garment bags and hanger accessories.


Mannequins & Alternatives

Show your products in use with Realistic mannequins and display body forms that meet your needs. Choose from jersey-covered forms with accessories, inexpensive half-round forms, fiberglass full round forms plus styrofoam heads, hands and leg forms. Your options also include realistic mannequins like our men, women and children series including our Valueline affordable mannequins and fully flexible foam mannequins for action poses to softies jersey-covered children's mannequins. They are all ready to display your merchandise.


Merchandising Kits

Our merchandising kits provide GREAT VALUE! They were put together for your convenience. Our kits include an assortment of items you may use to complement your fixtures to make the more versitile.


Perimeter Hardware & Shelving

Perimeter hardware includes wall standards, shelving and accessories. We sell rectangular tubing hangrail and round tubing garment rod and their accessories. Shelves are ideal to display everything from gift items to clothing and food. Here you will find a wide variety of retail display shelving in both bullnose plastic as well as wood.

Postandrail group

Post & Rail

Cost effective post & rail and asset protection products are key to business success. We offer a full line of posts and rails, case protectors, cart bumpers, gates, turnstiles and high security panels.

Our customers get experience, a knowledgeable staff and a company that delivers the product they need and when they need it. Regardless of the size of your company, you will find us ready to meet your needs.


Queuing Systems

Queuing Systems

The NEW Q-Basic™ Impulse Merchandising System is a low-cost modular system that can turn your check-out area into high profit impulse sales.

Q-Basic offers many options to help create a customized merchandise queuing lane just by connecting sections together. Q-Basic is available in 2' W and 4' W, basic 33" H and tall 48" H. Sold by components and in kits. 

  • Easy to set up for immediate use.
  • Heavy-duty waterproof portable posts.
  • Free standing.
  • Modular system allows for customization by adding different components to meet your merchandising needs.


Our collection of racks, garment racks, clothing racks, accessory racks, utility racks such as stockroom z-racks and scrapbooking fixture racks are high quality, competitively priced and readily available for immediate shipment. 

This and more you can find at Carlson JPM Store Fixtures!


Retail Loss Prevention

Our loss prevention products and tools help you protect your business. We carry rack security cables and locks, entry alarms and chimes, security mirrors and showcase locks.

Ketec Loss Prevention is an affordable electronic article surveillance system that meets the demands of today's challenging and competitive marketplace. Ketec offers a "Do-it-Yourself" install that can be performed in a few hours.


Shoe Supplies

Shoe display forms, benches, nylon foot socks, shoe measuring devices and shoe mirrors are esential to move your shoe offering. Check out the decorative shoe stands available in Aaron Contemporary and Parisian fixture systems for an alternative to display shoes.


Showcases, Counters, Towers & Accessories

Our showcases, display cases, jewelry display cases, glass display cases, display counters, wall cases, exhibition cases, gondola shelving, gondola end caps, gondola shelves and more are part of our wide selection of store fixtures. See for yourself, Deluxe line and Valueline display case selection and prices can’t be beat! Exhibit your products at their best and see how your customers will come back for more.


Sign Holders & Signs

Express your message loud and clear with our full line of sign holders and signage. Our line of sign holders includes floor standing, banner stands, countertop sign holders, hang & wall mount, presentation & signage easels, window-door signage, sign holder frames and everything in between. They are available in materials like acrylic and metal. Enjoy the high quality of our products at reasonable prices.


Slatwall Panels & Accessories

Our slatwall panels, slatwall accessories and slatwall merchandisers are available in materials like melamine and plastic in variety of colors and finishes. They are so versatile you can use it to display merchandise of all kinds.

Play with a broad selection of slatwall hooks, slatwall brackets, slatwall baskets, slatwall faceouts and slatwall accessories.

Both wood slatwall panels and plastic slatwall panels are perfect to add vertical merchandise space. You can also use slatwall merchandisers to maximize your floor square footage. Have fun and experiment! 

Storedisplays group

Store Displays

Display tables, pedestals, floor displays, glass cube units, mirrors, countertop displayers, etc. all encompass what makes up the world of retail display products. We put together in this one department the product you are looking for.


Store Supplies

Maintain your investment with labeling materials and store supplies. Check out tagging and pricing guns, makeup masks, shoe measuring devices, hanging and folding aids plus shopping hand baskets. We have everything you need to run your store smoothly.


Wire Grid & Accessories

Wire grid or Grid wall is another great way to maximize vertical display space. Wire grid panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to create both wall and floor standing displays. Wire grid wall is an economical and durable alternative that can give your retail space an industrial and modern feel.