Dear New Store Owner

Congratulations, you’ve decided to be a “shopkeeper”…that means you want to be a “customer-keeper”. To help you get started, we put together a list with items to think about, as you get ready to get your store going.
At this point, you have:
- Picked your location and selected vendors you are going to represent.
- Done competitive shopping, and with some creativity and common sense, you know what you like or dislike about their stores, and have applied this knowledge in putting together your store plans.
- Created a brand image of how you want your customers to perceive your store. The exterior and interior of your store reflects your store identity. The merchandise you intend to sell fits this image.
Now, how can Carlson JPM Store Fixtures help you?
Let’s think about your store by dividing it into sections:


What will make your customer take the first steps into your store? Some suggestions would be a floor-standing signholder or an easel near the entry, perhaps a feature table or a smaller floor fixture displaying some of your latest (or hottest) merchandise. If you have windows, you can play with color and textures using mannequins, banner stands and signs, keeping product trends and your brand image in mind.


Utilize a planogram – you don’t have to be an artist – circles and squares work just fine. Layout your departments or merchandising sections with the customers’ view in mind. Identify focal points to place feature products and imagine how they would look from the store entry or the department entry. Be conscious of sightlines – theirs and your staff. Graduate in height from centerline to side and back walls.

Do you need showcases? Are you selling jewelry or electronics? Those are two instances when you need to consider this type of a display case. Showcases are manufactured with a variety of glass depths, from extra vision cases that have a 32” high glass area to 12” high glass in jewelry showcases.
Apparel racks and floor merchandisers are available in many styles – each created with display focus in mind to present your merchandise in the best possible way. There are feature fixtures – two-way and four-way racks – as well as capacity racks. Boutique looks are available with rack systems.
Hard goods display best on metal gondolas that utilize end caps for feature displays. Slatwall floor merchandisers are another great alternative to maximize floor square footage.



Depending on your brand image and merchandise, you have many choices for wall displays.
One of the most popular merchandising wall system is slatwall. This system comes in many finishes and accessories including shelving, hooks, wire baskets, acrylic display holders, faceouts and more.
Another system is known as gridwall or wire grid. It also comes in different colors and a full line of accessories.
Wall standards (perimeter hardware) can be surface-mounted or recessed into the drywall installation. Light duty to heavy duty standards are manufactured out of steel, which is normally finished in zinc, polished chrome or black. Accessories available include shelf brackets, faceouts, garment rods and hangrails (also known as crossbars).
As with the floor, using a planogram will help you divide your walls into feature areas or sections. Within each feature area, create a merchandising display that is in balance within itself and the floor area in front of it. A customer sees your store from front to side or back but also from side or back to front.

Cash Wrap

The placement of a cash wrap or showcase counter depends on your store layout and the products you sell. A cash wrap can be very utilitarian or custom depending on your brand image.
When placing the cash wrap make sure your sightlines are clear of support posts or tall displayers and that you have a clear view of the store entry. This, along with security mirrors and door chimes followed by a friendly greeting from a member of your staff will discourage shoplifting.


In the back, organization is key to keeping the shop looking and operating at its best. Making sure your staff has a place to relax and recuperate on their break will help them be more alert and energetic when they go back on the sales floor.
Also remember to find a home for your store supplies, display materials, and cleaning tools. They all need storage locations with easy access.
When merchandise comes in your back door, does it have a shelf or rack to go on until it is inventoried and tagged for the floor? What about a worktable with its necessary supplies? Do you need a Z-Rack or a merchandise cart to move merchandise to the floor?

We hope this list helps you get started on this new venture. For additional ideas on fixtures and merchandisers check out our Product Checklists, they offer more details on types of fixtures needed for specific stores. Know we are here to help in your store’s success every step of the way.
Carlson JPM Store Fixtures Team
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